T H E    M A N D E L B U L B
@ 3 . 3   G I G A  P I X E L S
Behold the biggest render ever made of the Mandelbulb so far... feel free to take the challenge! ;)
At maximum zoom this image is 400 square meters (480 square yards), 20 x 20 meters big.
Use Ctrl, Shift and arrow keys to browse around, enjoy!
What´s all this, then?
At the very end of 2009 Daniel White and Paul Nylander 
(With the help of many others at fractalforums.com) finally found the 3 dimensional equivalent to the 2 dimensional Mandelbrot set Daniel White had been searching for since 2007 (and others before him).

Even though Daniel do not consider this to be “the holy grail of 3D mandelbrots” they looked for, it is as close anyone so far has come to take the Mandelbrot formula
z = z^2 + c to 3 dimensions.
Daniel named it “the Mandelbulb”.

In this image you see the COS version of the mandelbulb, read about that, Daniels original -SIN version and many other species here and check out Softologys excellent collection in his mandelbulb gallery.

I use Subblues pixelbenderscript for my renderings.

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